Self-Carpet Cleaning Vs Professional

Self-Carpet Cleaning Vs Professional

Take the Right Carpet Cleaningdecision.

In case you are now thinking of cleaning your carpets, probably you are now thinking of" should I do it my self? Or maybe I should get a professional carpet cleaning? If you're torn between two points of views, let's give you a little help. If you're in your way to the nearby shop to rent cleaning machine, stop and read our comparison.

By doing self-cleaning you will facea different level of cleaning quality:

·         · Your cleaning cost won't be much less as you think, as you willneed to buy cleaning solutions, rent machines and drive back home costs.

·         ·  The machine that you will rent "Rug Doctor", is good for easily carpetcleaning stains but not for the deep ones.

·        ·   DIY Machines are very weak, it has low water pressure and vacuums, which means that you won't clean all the fibers properly.

·         ·   Low pressured water won't be vacuumed up correctly, which willlead you to have just an awful smelling carpet.

·         ·   It's impossible to get rid of pet urine odor even if you used your "RugDoctor" a lot because urine goes beyond the surface of your carpet.

·         ·   Won't extract most of the water with your DIY machine and so won't dry your carpets effectively.

·         ·   Hot water option isn't available in your machine, hot water is useful while cleaning process.

·         ·   Some DIY cleaners are very tough over your carpets and lead to wear and tear it quickly

On the other hand, if you hired a professional carpet cleaning:

·       Deep cleaning and high-qualityservice isguaranteed.

·        Won't clean only the surface of your carpetbut will reach deeper than you can see to the padding.

·        Our truck mount cleaning equipment will removefor you all the toughest and deepest stains.

·       We use special cleaning pet odor solutions and equipment that end this issue immediately.

·       We are able to extract most of your carpet's water and dirt which leave your carpet dry.

·       We also, use high-speed fans to dry your carpets quickly.

·       Youwon't smell moldy odors.

·       Ourtruck mount machine able to heat water till boiling and keep it like this evenduring cleaning which is useful to get rid of bad odors and stains.

·       Professional carpet cleaners know exactly how to deal with all of the carpet types.

Now after you know the difference between Professional carpet cleaning and self-cleaning, what would you choose? We all at Carpet cleaning Houston TX looking forward to assisting you to give you cleaning solutions that you're seeking.

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