How To Remove Paint from Carpet With Steam Cleaning

How To Remove Paint from Carpet With Steam Cleaning

Will Steam Cleaning Remove Paint from Carpet?

When you are painting your house, paint is dropped on yourcarpet. Spilled paint will ruin the look of your carpet. Your carpet starts to showsigns of wear and tear.

We know that your carpet is important to your house. If youhave carpet stains, do not worry, there is a solution you can do it yourself.You may rescue your carpet with only water and soap.

It is important to know what kind of paint you are dealingwith. This will affect the cleaning method and product you use while cleaningit. The main types of paints are wet paints, latex paints, and oil paints.

Removing Wet Paint Stains from Your carpet

If you have a wet paint stain, use a wet paper towelto blot the paint spot. You may use white cloth but not colorful because ittransfers its dyes to your carpet. When it dries, use hot water and a littledish cleaner. Leave it for a few minutes to soften the paint stain.

When the paint is softened, use a knife to scratch thepaint stain. Add more solution while scratching.

The hot water or soapy water may not remove the paint.In this case, you need to steam this area by using the steamer or clothingiron. Make sure your iron has enough water and ready to steam.

Place a clean white cloth on the stain and iron it.Keep it for 20 seconds. This will remove the paint stain completely from thecarpet.

How to Remove Latex Paint Stains from Carpet?

Latex paint is easily removed as it iswater-based. 

Blot the spot to remove wet paint. Then, mix a cup ofwarm water with a dishwasher cleaner and start cleaning the paint stain. Cleanit from outside to inside to avoid spreading the stain. Let it dry and then usevacuuming.  

Remove the Oil Paint Stains from Carpet

Oil paint stains are more difficult to remove thanlatex paint. 

When the paint stain dries, you are in the need of asteamer to soften it. Apply the steam directly to the stain and use a pin toremove the paint stain. Do this more times without damaging the fibers untilthere is no paint stain still on the carpet.

Many homeowners apply all these methods trying torescue their carpet. But some paint stains, oils, and dyes stay on theircarpet. In this case, do not hesitate to give us a call instead of damagingyour carpet and make things worse. 

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