How Do You Speed Up Carpet Dry After Cleaning?

How Do You Speed Up Carpet Dry After Cleaning?

You have to clean your carpet once a week. If you have pets, allergies, or asthma, you have to clean it more than once. 

When you clean or shampoo the carpet in your home, you succeed in cleaning it but it remains wet. You have to make it dry quickly to prevent the dust and bacteria from growing inside your carpet.

The carpet takes from 6 to 12 hours to dry when it is cleaned using the steam cleaning method. It takes from 2 to 4 hours to dry when we use the dry-cleaning method to clean it. 

The Best Ways to Dry Your Carpet After Cleaning


 One of the ways to dry your carpet quickly is to open the windows. The air will dry your carpet fast and leave the room smell fresh.

You can use this method on a warm or windy day. But it is not advisable during rainy or wet days. If the clouds are Grey and there is a heavy wind, you cannot open the windows.


Put fans inside your room and point them down to dry the carpet. Move them each hour to dry different parts of carpets. Repeat the process until the carpet is completely dry. The air will leave a fresh smell on the carpet.

Air Conditioning

The air from the air conditioner does not flow as it happens for the fans. But it is the best drying method during the rainy days. The cold air will react with the fibers and will make the carpet dry. It depends on the carpet’s size and fibers for the quick drying.


Dehumidifier collects moisture in the room. Put it in the middle of the room and turn it on high. By that, your carpet will dry in a very short time.

Professional Blow Dry

Dry Blow is the fastest way to dry your carpet after cleaning. You can ask for a blow-dry from the same expert who cleans the carpet for you. He uses a blower or van to dry all the areas of your carpet.

Tips You Have to Follow Until Your Carpet Dries

Be careful when you walk on a wet carpet. Some people hurt themselves after walking from a wet carpet on to a hard surface.

You also have to avoid walking on a wet carpet as it pollutes your carpet. Your shoes will collect the dirt from the other surfaces and wipe it in the wet carpet.

You should ask an expert to give you a pair of protective shoes to wear while the carpet is drying. If you want to walk on a wet carpet, you have to wear white cotton socks.

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