How do I clean my carpets myself?

How do I clean my carpets myself?

Why Do You Clean Your Carpet?

It is important to clean your carpet to make your house look good and to keep your family’s health.

The stains and dirt in your carpet can cause problems in your respiratory system. They also cause allergies to your small kids.

There are many ways to clean your carpet by yourself

Vacuuming Your Carpet

First, you have to prepare the room for vacuuming:

·       Pick the toys and papers that will hinder the vacuum cleaning.

·       Check for small items like coins.

·       Clean the windows, furniture well before vacuuming.

Second, use a nozzle to reach areas:

If you are not able to move the furniture, use it to clean under couches and to remove the dust.

ThirdVacuum all the sides of the room:

Vacuum the entire room forward and backward then repeat the process from right to left. By going in all directions, we make sure that all the fibers can be reached and cleaned properly.

You have to vacuum once a week. But if you have pets in your house, you have to vacuum three or four times a week. One of the reasons, why we vacuum the carpet, is to remove the pet’s hair and stains.

Clean Your Carpet by Hand

First, use a clean white cloth:

Do not use brushes because they damage the fibers of the carpet.

Seconduse commercial cleaning materials:

If there is a fresh bloodstain on your carpet, use cold water or hydrogen peroxide. Do not use hot water as it makes the stains on the carpet.

But for the pet urine stains, clean it with ammonia solution and warm water.

ThirdTest the cleaning material:

Some materials are not suitable for your carpet. For that, you have to test the product on a small part of the carpet first.

Clean Your Carpet by Snow

You may clean your carpet with snow during the winter months. The icy white substance is one of nature’s best cleaning materials.

This cleaning material works well on the small rugs. But you can also clean the large rugs with it if some people help you.

There are five steps for how to clean your carpet by snow:

·        Take your rug outside and shake it to get rid of the dirt. Expose it to a lower temperature for 30 minutes.

·        Put three to five pieces of snow on your rug. Use a brush to distribute the snow.

·        Make the snow rest on the rug for 15 to 20minutes.

·        The ammonia in the snow will react with the cold air making the dirt hidden deep in the rug.

·        Remove the snow as much as possible. The snow will evaporate without leaving the carpet wet.

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