Does Lemon Juice Remove Stains?

Does Lemon Juice Remove Stains?

Does Lemon Juice Remove Stains?

The Function of Lemon Juice

Do you know that lemon is used for many things asidefrom cooking and making juice? Lemons are cheap and are found in every home.They have a good smell and their oils will clean many items very well. 

Lemon juice is a natural stain remover for clothes,cups, and grout. It acts as a whitening agent that will remove stains. Itremoves dirt and dust from the kitchen and bathroom.

Uses of Lemon Juice:

Fabric Cleaning

Lemon cleans the stains and spots caused by dirt anddust. Put lemon juice on the spots on the cotton or polyester and rub it well.Leave the lemon on the spots for 30 minutes then wash it as usual.

Leather shoes need the care to be clean and to shine. Lemonjuice is not only used to clean the fabric. But it cleans the leather shoes.Take a cloth and pour lemon juice on it. Clean your shoes with it to give thema shiny look.

Grout Cleaning

What willyou do when you experience grout stains? We have a solution for you. Pour lemonjuice on the stained area and clean it with a cleaning brush or toothbrush. Leaveit to dry for 30 minutes then wipe it with a wet sponge or cloth.

Plastic Cleaning

Are you veryangry because of the stains you see every day on the plastic? Do not worry, wewill make your life easier. Lemon juice will remove the stains from cuttingboards, bowls, and containers.

For acutting board, rub a lemon over the stained area and leave the juice on it for15 minutes.

To removetomato sauce from a container or plastic bowl, you may use lemon juice. Pourenough lemon juice on the spot. Leave it to dry by air then wash it with waterand soap.  

Cup Cleaning

Lemon isvery useful when the matter comes to the cup stains. Lemon juice removes darkstains from teacups, coffee mugs, and coffee pots. Pour lemon juice on thestained area and keep it on the cup for minutes. Then, wipe it with a wet dishcloth.If the lemon juice does not remove the stains, put table salt on the dishcloth.It will remove all the stains.

You have tocheck the fabric and the type of stain before using lemon. If the stain is notremoved by the lemon juice, you can resort to our dry-cleaning experts.

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