Do you know that the rugs were used over 5000 years ago?

Do you know that the rugs were used over 5000 years ago?

History of Rugs

There were rugs discovered in Egyptian and Mesopotamian tombs that go back over 4000 years ago. The oldest rug discovered is known as the Pazyryk carpet, dating from 500 BC. The archeologist discovered this carpet in 1949 in Siberia, in a Scythian burial mound dating from the 5thcentury BC. This ancient carpet was made in what is known now as an Oriental rug.

 It is widely agreed that the first continent that knew the industry of carpets Asia, but the nomadic wanderers were the ones who created them. The Nomads used animal skins, like sheep as a prim source of carpet wool as a thick covering to protect them from the cold but they wanted something other than thick animal skins to keep them warm so they starting thinking about other options.

Types of Rugs

Nowadays the rug industry is so wide and consists of different types and made from different materials, the major 7 materials are:

1.    ·        Nylon

2.    ·        Olefin

3.    ·        Polyester

4.    ·        Acrylic

5.    ·        Wool

6.    ·       Triexta

a  Trending in rugs

Rugs is a very important piece in the house, it adds a lot to the beauty and décor of the place, like everything else it has trends. The Carpet tiles are one of the trending Rug styles, it gives a stylish and modern touch to the home. Frieze carpeting is also very trending and gives a modern cozy vibe to the home. As there is a trend the handmade things lately, the same goes for the rugs, they are even more expensive than some types but it is definitely unique. The world is turning Green and so do the Rugs, they actually made recycled, green, and sustainable carpeting. There is also the wall to wall carpeting, it makes the home extra warm and cozy, and no need to clean the floor every day.

Artistic Carpets

For those who appreciate arts and their beauty, there is an also artistic carpet that makes them look like a beautiful painting. Some prefer choosing their carpet according to their personal interest more than the material. There are carpets with Pharaonic styles for example, with the face of the famous king Tut Ankh Amen on them to satisfy your tutmania, or the Great Ramses, and of course, just the hieroglyphs and Egyptian Symbols make anything looks better and more luxurious.

Choose your Carpet

Choosing a carpet for your home is not an easy task, there are many things to consider when doing that. Carpets aren’t only important to keep the house warm as they used it in ancient times, but they also add a lot to the beauty of the home, it gives life to the room and adds an artistic touch to it. So choose your carpet wisely, think of what material you want, what style fits your furniture, and the theme of the décor, and that’s it. 

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